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At APTCODER, we strive to empower kids with skills and knowledge of coding. We help improve their ability to grow and initiate fresh ideas. Apart from this, we strive to boost kid’s logical thinking to make them industry ready for Industry4.0.

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Startup India

APTCODER, with its vision to provide quality and cost-effective coding solution to our future generation, has come under the banner of startup India. Our motto is, 'No kids should be deprived of future literacy:- coding'

Sowing the Seed of Stable Future for Kids

With the world being more technologically advanced, we prepare kids to become technology friendly at an early age. We encourage them to challenge their true potential and grow at their convenient pace. Most of the kids grab the opportunity to adapt at an early age, we want them to learn and understand this next generation literacy at their comfortable space while enjoying their childhood. To push our vision “No kid should be deprived of future literacy: Coding”, we provide kids with a continuous learning solution (Lifetime Free), Kids Coding Community.


Fruits of knowledge to become an APT-Coding-Warrior

All Round

Algorithmic Thinking

Coding skills

Decision Making
Creative Thinking

Life skills

Online Learning: A Place to Learn New Things Even When Apart

For learning, each of our senses has different capacities. Sight and hearing are the extremely important and major senses that help us in learning. Various studies suggest that online mode delivers not less than 94% of the content which otherwise we get in offline mode. It does have-
- Flexible & self-paced learning.
- A wider approach to learning new things.
- Redefined logical and critical thinking skills.
- Getting your doubts cleared quicker than ever before.
- Parents can access their kid’s progress and creations at the finger of their tip.
- With a flexible schedule, parents can teach their kids anytime and anywhere.

Preparing Kids For An Educational Venture

Collaborations with Foreign Universities

APTCODER has collaborated with Global Innovation & Skills Development Canada (GISDC) to set up an innovative, impactful, and sustainable learning environment. With our pool of various MoUs, we aim to provide global E-Internship opportunities, after 12th solution, mentoring by industry/academic veterans.

Early Age Professional

APTCODER help connect kids with all domain of life, be it scientist, entrepreneur, politician, civil servants, educationalists, rocket scientist etc. Professional networking surrounds several kinds of connections within the coding industry. APTCODER helps kids operate internally and externally in a company at an early stage.

Stable Future

We want kids to flourish and empowered with necessary skills and knowledge to withstand the industry challenges. APTCODER set the foundation that students require to succeed in their journey forward. APT-alumnus strive to maximize their inner potential by engaging themselves on our continuous learning platform.

Kids Coding Community

APTCODER aim to skill kids with future literacy, i.e., coding. We believe that learning is a continuous process, hence we offer kids from all walks of life with a LIFE TIME FREE ACCESS of kids coding community. A unique place to learn, update, networking and to ready them with industry4.0.

Apt Social Warriors

As part of nurturing kids with leadership skills and make them more socially responsible, kids go through a scrutiny process and filtered out to become apt-Social-Warrior. A warrior, who feels his responsibility towards society by teaching underprivileged kids under the supervision of our experts. Be a certified apt-Social-Warrior.

Learn By Doing : Projects for APTCODERs


This game makes kids understand the value of having good habits such as washing their hands and sanitizing them. Learning by fun!

What Parents Say?

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Our Courses


Spoon Course

Grade 1-3

Internet Safety




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Kiddo Course

Grade 3-5

Coding Community

Internet Exploring

Advanced UI/UX


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Buddy Course

Grade 6-8





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Pro Course

Grade 9-12

Artificial Intellegence

Machine Learning



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Teaching kids the APTCODER way

Meet our Star Mentors

From IITs to technical giants, they've done it all!


Alumnus of IIT Bombay || Ex- Boeing professionals Aerospace expert || 5+ years of technical teaching experience || rocket enthusiastic || star coder || keen learner

Akshay Kumar

Computer Science graduate || 3+ years of teaching experience || Algorithm developer || Problem solver
Interactive mentor


Alumnus of IIT Bombay || Interactive Mentor || Aerospace professional || 5+ years of technical teaching experience Keen learner || Enthusiastic Coder || Star Mentor


Ex- IIT Bombay || Alumnus of AMU || Keen researcher || Problem solver || 5+ years of experience
Technical Expert

Ramesh Junawa

Alumnus of IIT Bombay || 4+ years of technical teaching experience || Keen learner || Project developer
Star Mentor

Some APT Questions

APTCODER is a live platform which provides with 1:1, 1:2 and Pair programming sessions. This does not include any physical classes. However, study suggest that even in online mode delivery of content is more than 94% compare to conventional modes.
Our unique B2B school model, offers wide range of options from online to offline modes, condition apply.

All of these models are designed very carefully under the supervision of industry experts. Every model covers all the basics teaching methods with quality input. However, as per the individual demand and number of kids registered, they may get additional benefits by opting the concerned courses. This is specifically done in order to provide the same level of content delivery at the affordable price.

B2C model is for any individual or group of individuals. While B2B model is specifically designed for institutions. As per their demand, the model will be customized while keeping the value intact. For more pls contact us at hello@aptcoder.com

Our core objective is to provide the best quality as per the current market trend. Our team of highly experienced industry professionals, scientist, educationalist from top institutes like IIT and IIM have researched and developed this for kids’ engagement keeping in mind the current and future market scenario.

Our core objective is that no-one should be deprived of future literacy, i.e. coding, at their convenient space. Whatever the background you came from, we welcome you as the fundamental of coding is logic, structure, sequence and algorithm thinking. If you are not comfortable at the basic level, you can opt for our courses however with good understanding till the `12th standard, we recommend you to take advanced courses. You are always welcome to join our Kids Coding Community (LIFE TIME FREE)

We feel that learning is a continuous process, so we have created Kids Coding Community. As part of our value addition towards society, we are providing its access to every kid. Here, problems (curated by ex/current industry professionals) related to current market trend will be posted. Kids can solve them amongst themselves, and our expert will review this periodically. Best solution will be awarded periodically and candidate will then be pitched for access to early age professional network.

This is exclusive program for selected number of kids, who truly shows their potential towards projects and problems. Basis on their performance the kids will be selected and further trained to become Certified APT-Social-Warrior. This will help them in their further admission and make them socially responsible citizen.

We will be integrating AI in our coding portal, which may help us track your performance and basis on that we may give you an idea of your future decisions. However, this is currently under development, so our expert mentor may help you out with your queries on the same. However, our B2B model comes with integrated access to such webinar on periodic basis.

Ready for a free class on us?

Start from your Free Trial, the free trial class will include a small lecture and a few tricks that
would enthrall your child in knowing more.

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